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Wedding Menu
curd rice & Pickle can be added to the below Menus.....
Sweet - Rava (or) Semiya (or) Bread , Mutton Biriyani, Curd Onion Pachadi, Brinjal Chutney, Chicken Masala (or) Chicken-65, Ice cream, Beeda (or) Mouth Fresher, Water Bottle(500ml)
Ice Cream & Beeda
Welcome Juice, Sweet - Rava (or) Semiya (or) Bread, Mutton Biriyani, Chicken 65 (or)
Chicken Masala, Curd Onion Pachadi, Brinjal Chutney, Ice Cream & Beeda
Water Bottle(500ml)
Wedding Catering Services In Chennai
Welcome Juice, Sweet - Rava (or) Semiya (or) Bread, Chapathi (or) Rumali Roti (or)
Idiyappam, Chenna Masala (or) Panneer Masala, Mutton Biriyani, Curd Onion Pachadi,
Chicken Masala (or) Chicken-65, Water Bottle(500ml), Ice Cream & Beeda
Outdoor Catering Services In Chennai
Fresh Juice ,Sweet Jamoon (or) Halwa (or) Bread Idiyappam and Pulka
Peper Chicken (or) Keema Chicken ,Chenna Masala , Mutton Biriyani , Curd Onion Pachadi , Brinjal Chutney, Chicken 65 , Water bottle , Fruit Salad
Ice cream & Beeda
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